Sunday, February 24, 2008

Literally laughing out loud

Does it ever bug you how often you see the word literally used all wrong? From stories, to blogs, to new articles, and of course constantly in everyday speech, people love to use the word, ending up with some pretty ridiculous sounding assertions.

My brother and I discussed our shared pet peeve about this the other day, which led to a googling challenge to see how many results we got for phrases like "his eyes literally popped out of his head" (eww!!) and "he literally flew down the stairs." (We found a lot by the way-- you can try it yourself.)

In the course of that interesting exercise, I came across this weblog, devoted to "literally" in all it's uses, correct and incorrect alike (but mostly incorrect, of course.) Many of the entries are accompanied with hilarious graphics and comments. Read through the pages of archives and prepare to literally laugh your head off!

And yes, the statement in my post title is true, if a little silly-sounding. ;)


Patrick said...

Thanks for the link!

Rose D. said...

You're welcome-- thanks for commenting!